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Services I offer - 
NEW - Master Your Shadow Self to Free Your Soul to Play, Create, Manifest, and Succeed on YOUR TERMS!!
If you have ever taken a few steps towards living your dreams, and then hit the wall of self-doubts, fears and then felt angry at yourself for feeling stuck AGAIN - then this class is for you!!  Our Shadow Self keeps us small, but once we master the tools to RAISE OUR FEELING VIBRATION and ALIGN WITH OUR HIGHER SELF - we discover a new life and all the resistance to manifesting our dreams fall away.  We start May 1st. 

It's a 2 week Mastermind Class.  Training will be held in a private group on Tuesdays, then journal work on Wednesdays, followed by a Zoom Coaching call on Thursdays.  Everything will be recorded.  Cost is $222.  Email to reserve your spot.  Space is limited.  CarolineLockhart@hotmail.com

8 Week Soul Life Transformational Mastermind -
If you are feeling your Soul call out for more, and you have been investing in your own awakening but feel overwhelmed with inner processes necessary to manifest your true calling, then this course is for you.   I provide the transformational tools I discovered in my own awakening, and walk you though 8 steps to master your own Soul Journey.  This is a premium mastermind, as I will coaching you every step of the way.

Zero to $10K Wealth Creation Mastery Mastermind -
This is perfect for those who want to evolve the wealth consciousness to manifest an automated income.

Community Support in our Free Self-Care for Inspiring Women Facebook Group -
This is perfect for those who want to be in a like-minded community of women re-inventing themselves.

My Spiritual Awakening Story
Seven years ago, I felt my Soul call out for more so I did the unthinkable -
I closed down a very successful business, and set out on a "Soul journey" to discover my Soul's Calling.  With no map to follow, I struggled and felt alone.  I knew deep down there had to be an easier way, so I set out to discover it.

This inner transformation changed my life. 

The joy I evolved within my Soul journey spilled over into my relationships with my kids, my husband, and even helped me create fun ways to succeed from home too.

Today, it is my JOY to help women align with their authentic gifts, LIVE THEIR PURPOSE FOR BEING, and build passive income streams too!!  

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The best part is, you can TOTALLY show up as yourself.

I had been searching for a deeper connection to myself, and to others.  To be authentic and real in my life, but free from inner judgement and fear.

Caroline Lockhart is the perfect Soul Life Coach. I am so blest to have found her.

I have developed a better image of myself, resolved past fears and hurts, gained confidence in me, and have increased gratitude for the life around me.

During the ‘8 week Soul Life Transformational MasterMind’ I was able to begin the journey of peeling away the layers blocking me from becoming my authentic self.

Even my husband notice a positive change in me. The ‘8 wk SLTM-M was the start of a new heart-centered life, and wonderful friendships with other connect women.

So many thanks to Caroline for this. It connected my Mind- Heart- Soul-Spirit. I am a powerful woman!

~Tammy A Jensen


"Looking back on my life and business before I connected with Caroline, I was feeling frustrated, stuck, and things weren’t fun anymore.
I didn’t feel like I was having any sort of impact on anyone. 

Caroline told me that I was bigger than my business or job and that I had many facets to my life and God wanted me to enjoy them all!
She told me I shouldn’t ignore what was going right and the impact I was already making in peoples lives.

Caroline shared with me that our minds are either in the past or future and that meditating puts us in the power of NOW - the present - and in our heart space. Caroline also said that this is where I would find intuition and what my insight would be telling me. 

We talked about how I felt I was constantly having to reinvent myself in new places with my husbands job transfers and new stages in life and how I couldn’t find my center. Caroline suggested that I start 'serving my joy' by discovering what made me happy.

These things were so helpful as this is what I needed - more joy and more living in the now. Not worrying about the future or being sad over the past.

I am celebrating who I am more and finding more joy and tuning in more to thoughts that I am enough and I am where I am supposed to be and the work on myself is worth the trouble. Of course, I have dreams but I am enjoying the journey and the process getting there and I am willing to do the hard work of connecting to me more.

Caroline is a wonderful beautiful soul and so insightful. She is warm and endearing and understand women and the heart strings that pull them."

~Jeanette Sons


“Caroline Lockhart is a Powerful Teacher and Coach...

In my very first phone session with her she was able to bring me to complete inner peace and clarity about the path I needed to be on from now on...

She told me to 'Step Into My Power...' and to 'Write and Tell My New Life Story...'

This of course helped me to completely let go of the past and to step into the future with tremendous light...

Caroline Lockhart is a True Spiritual Leader and Writer...

I highly recommend her guidance and work to other souls looking for a total transformation...” 
~ Andrea Santean

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I will look forward to serving you and our beautiful Soul!! 

‚ÄčLove, Caroline
Soul Life Mastery Coach
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